Lightweight & Portable

& Portable

This rugged system works anywhere you need it to. Keep it in the field, in exam rooms, at a plant, or in the airport.
Safe & Easy To Use

Safe & Easy
To Use

With simple training, anyone can operate the system, which has visual cues and safety mechanisms in place.
Low Cost & Complete

Low Cost &

Individual test cartridges mean low cost per test, and detector cells can be easily created to find new targets using the same system.

Saving Time Is Valuable To Some, Vital To Others

In emergency rooms, clinics, hospitals, and in the field, PathONE™ can be a critical tool to deploy anywhere rapid intervention could provide better patient outcomes. Following clinical signs of infection, PathONE™ may help combat increasing patient liabilities and confirm appropriate use of antibiotic therapies.
Food Safety
Food Safety
Without the costly wait for sample enrichment or incubation, PathONE™ will quickly determine whether or not production in food manufacturing facilities needs to be halted for containment of a pathogen.
Veterinary Care
Veterinary Care
From clinics and hospitals to farms and ranches, real-time detection with pets and livestock is crucial and can potentially be the difference between losing a single animal or an entire herd.
Global Safety
Global Safety
Wherever a border is crossed there is the potential for bringing in and introducing a dangerous germ or disease—intentionally or not. PathONE™ can work in airports, bus stations, ports, and any other crossing points.

See How Our Detector Cells Work


PathONE™ is being developed for potential commercial applications by bio-molecular engineers at diagnostic testing company Fundamental Solutions Corporation (FSC), PathONE™ is a functional diagnostic platform with a testing device and test cartridges preloaded with FSC’s patented biosensor. The biosensor is engineered for high sensitivity, specificity, stability, and speed-to-results for any number of viruses or bacteria. PathONE™ is a portable device with built-in quality controls, sample tracking, and wireless communications, and can be operated by non-laboratory personnel.

PathONE™ Saves Time When It Counts Most

While current detection systems require lengthy testing, with samples being sent to remote facilities and taking days to get results, PathONE™ has no enrichment step. Modeled after the human body’s adaptive immune system, PathONE™ is designed to work fast and adapt to different environments and sample types.

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The PathONE™ Analyzer and its associated detection system are protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 9,023,640; 9,701,994; 9,701,995; and 9,752,199. Additional patents are pending in the United States and multiple foreign jurisdictions.